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About us

Behind the brand are us, a newlywed couple whose desire is to financially and physically support those in need.
With our brand YUAR MISSIONS, we want to get more involved in various humanitarian projects around the world.

We believe that participating in project funding does not only involve donation, but it can also be done by purchasing quality solidarity products or by devoting a little of our time.
It is on this idea that our project was born!

We are starting this adventure by offering jewelry for women.
We have a selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings.

The quality of our products is our priority, in order to ensure their safety.
This is why all of our jewelry is plated in 18 kt. gold at 3 microns thick with a 24 kt. gold finish. They are also hallmarked as a token of quality and authenticity.

With the profits linked to the sale of our products, we are committed to financially supporting various humanitarian missions which aim to meet the basic needs of each person. That is to say: adequate food, access to clean water and a roof to sleep under.

YUAR, pronouncing “you are”, is a call to everyone.
As individuals, as a person, we can take a stand in the face of immorality and act with love for the good.

With our own capabilities and with the means at our disposal, we can carry out small missions every day. Whether it is by helping those around us, supporting local businesses, buying solidarity products or giving our time for others.

We hope to share with you the same vision: that you can buy what you want while helping those who need it.

Our greetings. — A&J

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