Allergy to jewelry, how to prevent it?

Many of us have suffered from redness, irritation, swelling, after wearing jewelry. And all of those things, we’d rather do without, right? To continue wearing jewelry, without risking a new skin reaction, just follow certain rules. We explain everything in the article!

Where to buy jewelry and at what price?

It’s time to treat yourself and buy some new jewelry! But you ask yourself the question: where am I going to buy it, how to find quality and cheap jewelry? In this article, we answer all your questions!

How to wear my jewelry?

Whether it’s for a wedding, a baptism or a job interview, there is always a good occasion to wear your jewelry. In this article, we explain how to choose them according to your outfit, your body type and the event.

How to take care of my jewelry?

In this article, discover all of our tips for maintaining, cleaning and protecting your jewelry. We also give you tips to bring your old jewelry back to life.

How do I know the quality of my jewelry?

After buying a piece of jewelry, we often ask ourselves a lot of questions. Is the jewelry of good quality? What material is it made of? Is it gold or gold plated? So many questions that deserve answers. In this article, you will find all the information that will help you determine the quality of your jewelry.

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