How to wear my jewelry?

How to associate my jewelry with my outfit?

First, you should know that a piece of jewelry says a lot about the person who wears it, just like their outfit. Indeed, they can express our values, our convictions, our beliefs, hence the interest in choosing them well.

If you wear a sweater, blouse or t-shirt with a V-neck, a pendant will complement your outfit perfectly. On the other hand, avoid necklines that draw attention to your chest and make you less elegant.

When it comes to earrings, avoid those that are too large. They pull your earlobe down and gradually deform it.
Instead, choose simple, small earrings that go with any outfit. They don’t attract too much attention and just sublimate your outfit.

For rings and bracelets, it is best to wear only one or two at a time or risk overdoing it. The elegance of your outfit is in the details and not in what is too apparent.

To be sure not to go wrong, choose yellow gold jewelry or pearls because these models go with any outfit, any color and they are timeless.
If you want to wear gold jewelry set with stones, prefer white stones such as zirconium or diamonds for example.

How to associate my jewelry with my body type?

If you have a round face or a short neck, choose mid-length necklaces to harmonize the jewel with your face. Avoid choker necklaces and circular shaped jewelry.

For women who have a rather square face, it is preferable on the contrary to choose necklaces and earrings of circular shape in order to soften the lines of your face.

Round face: Angular shaped jewelry (triangle, square, rectangle)

Square face: Round or circular shaped jewelry

If you have a strong neck, it is better to wear mid-length necklaces rather than short necklaces. For the earrings, choose dangling ones to lengthen your neck. However, these should not be too long (no more than 3 cm) at the risk of producing the opposite effect.

For all women, avoid necklaces that go down to the belly. It is not very elegant and very often, it is the part that we most want to hide. Ditto for the big pendants and the imposing necklaces which weigh down all the silhouettes.

What jewelry for a wedding, a baptism or a job interview?

Whether for a wedding, a baptism or a job interview, choose jewelry that is discreet and simple.
On the other hand, avoid wearing more than 3 different jewels at the same time, even if they are simple.

If you are invited to a wedding, choose an understated piece of jewelry so as not to draw attention to you. And if you’re the bride, limit the amount of jewelry you wear so you don’t look too flashy. For example: if you put on a tiara, avoid wearing a necklace in addition.


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