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What makes YUAR MISSIONS unique?

YUAR MISSIONS is not only a brand that offers quality products, it is also a brand that cares for those in need.

This is why YUAR MISSIONS undertakes to participate in the financing of humanitarian projects up to 20% of its profits.

How to participate?

You can support missions by purchasing our products from our online store.
You will find 18-carat gold-plated rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings.

What types of missions do you support?

We support humanitarian projects which aim to fight against hunger and thirst.
We also support the education of children and adolescents and assistance to orphans.

How do you work with associations?

Each association is asked to present its project and its needs via our e-mail address:

Requests will be studied to ensure proper use of available funds.

If the project is selected, material needs (beds, mattresses, food, pencils, clothing, etc.) will be given priority, unlike monetary requests.

What missions have you already carried out?

We have already bought and distributed food and hygiene products to homeless people in Brussels, Belgium.

We also participated with the Brussels Christian Center to the Christmas action “Shoebox for the poor”. 

We also devote time to carry out voluntary activities (IT consultancy, nutrition consultations for people in difficulty, maintenance of common areas in the city where we live).

We also did a 6-month volunteering in an educational center called Nitzana in Israel.

  • May 2021

    Help with the purchase of food for hungry children in Haiti

    Since the end of 2018, Haiti has been plagued by violent riots due to the unstable political context. This situation has resulted in more insecurity, child abductions and unprecedented misery. The association La Vie en Abondance has been providing food and education to Haitian children for over twenty years.

  • April 2021 

    Sponsorship of an educational park for children

    Laure and Pierre-David Thobois worked for 10 years as volunteers in the educational village of Nitzana, in the Negev desert before obtaining their permanent residence permit in 2019. During these many years, with the help of their association Une voix dans le désert, they worked towards the realization of a biblical park. This educational place aims to introduce the Bible to hundreds of children each year.

  • February 2021

     Support for the development of autonomous agriculture in developing countries 

    This project implemented by the NGO SEL aims to train and equip farmers in Africa to ensure their food sufficiency for themselves, their families and the surrounding villages.
    In addition, the sale of the products of their soil provides them with a stable income.

  • December 2020

     Participation in the action 
     “Shoes Boxes for Christmas” 

    The purpose of this mission is to offer gifts to people in need.
    In the boxes we have put food, drinks, hygiene products, clothes, accessories and greeting cards.
    These were distributed on December ’22 in Brussels, Belgium.

Do you represent an association and need resources?

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